Perhaps you are a chemistry professor or a research graduate, or an architect or an amateur astronomer. Regardless of your profession, you are bound to have a few special items that need to be transported. While we often recommend that you drive your special items on your own, you cannot fit an entire chemistry set in a single car. Unlike other moving companies, we do not avoid transporting classified fragile instruments anywhere in the country. The special items that we are able to move include:

  • Chemistry Sets: Most chemistry sets include borosil test tubes, fragile cauldrons, and burners. These things need extreme care while moving over an unknown road. You may not know the bumps and the cracks on the road if you are moving to an entirely different territory. You are bound to need professional help for that purpose, and it couldn’t get any more professional than Gentle Movers.
  • Astronomy Equipment: Telescopes, lenses, and steels stands abound! You will need more than a small rental truck to fit these inside. You will be surprised to know that we have packed and transported these kinds of equipment before. After reaching the destination, not a single scratch was to be seen on even the smallest of magnifiers. We understand what the integrity of your instruments means to you, and we will wrap them with sufficient padding and enough wrapping to ensure they remain intact.
  • Medical Instruments: Have you heard about large prescription tablets and medicine bottles getting broken? In the moving world, that is a common occurrence, but not for Gentle Movers. In the history of our company, we haven’t yet had a case where the moving process resulted in broken appliances, and that includes fragile medical products. We know that extra care needs to be taken while packing delicate medical appliances, and we have trained our employees specially for that purpose. Each of the employees that we send to your place has been fully trained to handle the most fragile of items. We will only send medical graduates, or those with sufficient qualifications, to your house for such requirements.
  • Firearms: Any kind of handgun or weapon needs to be transported much more carefully than other fragile equipment. That is because although medical instruments are delicate, they are unlikely to cause a danger to life if they are damaged. In the case of firearms, you never know when the gunpowder might explode with a single bump. We ensure that all handguns and rifles are carefully wrapped to avoid such accidents. We keep the ammunitions and scopes in separate compartments of the boxes. The magazines are a different story; we even keep the bullets in a separate small box.
  • As you can see, we take great care of any special items being transported. You only need to notify us about the special items beforehand, and we will take care of the rest.