City of Tustin

The city of Tustin is a city located in Orange County, California in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. It has a population of 82,344 as of 2018 and is located next to the county seat, Santa Ana and does not include North Tustin. Tustin was chosen in 2009 by Forbes as one of the top 25 towns to live in America. It has a top 10% ranking in sole proprietorship and startups per capita.

According to the city’s 2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, some of its top employers include the City of Tustin, Costco, Tustin Unified School District to mention a few.

The city of Tustin is the 37th senate district and is represented by Republican John Mooriach, and the 68th Assembly District, represented by Republican Steven Choi.

Its primary and secondary education is overseen by the Tustin high Unified School District. Some of the notable personalities who have attended school in Tustin include Cuba Gooding Jr., Rachel Kinsey, Sam Baker among others.

You may be thinking what does the City of Tustin offer? Well, there are various activities which you can undertake when in Tustin which include a visit to museums, ranches and so much more depending on your liking.

The Marconi Automotive Museum is the most notable attraction when you visit Tustin followed by the Citrus Ranch Park. For art lovers, there are also art galleries where you can explore different art pieces by talented artists in the area.

You cannot visit a city like Tustin and not sample the different delicacies offered. There are various establishments which will serve your food depending on your needs. For those who love fine dining then you will find wineries and restaurants which will give you an exceptional experience. You will find restaurants such as The Winery Restaurant and Wine Bar, The Hobbit, Orange Hill Restaurant, Ruth’s Chris Steak House to mention a few.

You can also have a tasty local cuisine while in Tustin, where you can grab a bite at various restaurants which have wonderful reviews on trip advisor.

So how does the City of Tustin compare to other cities in terms of business? As it is located in the heart of Orange County, it is a wonderful place where you can do business and will give you different amenities which probably you will not find in many other cities. The city of Tustin is known as a wonderful place to live and work due to a combination of factors which include;

Ample Housing – well there is no shortage of houses in Tustin including rental homes for all visitors and tourists. These rental homes offer a home away of home thus providing comfort while vacationing or working in the City of Tustin.

Economic Opportunities – as mentioned earlier on, Tustin has a top 10% ranking in sole proprietorship and startups capita and was chosen as one of the top 25 cities to live in America.

Entertainment Options – there are a plethora of entertainment options which include restaurants and bars which will keep you moving as long as you are in Tustin.

Quality Education – the City of Tustin offers quality education which is managed by the Tustin Unified School District. both primary and secondary education is managed by the school district.

Safety – there is a sense of community while in Tustin with safe streets.

So Tustin’s location and amenities will have you at peace whether you are in the area for business or fun. It provides businesses with quick and easy access to major establishments and is also the least expensive city to do business in California.