At Gentle Movers Tustin, we understand the complications that arise while packing, loading, and moving the household furniture. Should you stick newspapers around the glass dining table? Should you detach the drawer from the closet? Can the huge cupboard fit inside the truck? Won’t your precious glass showcase shatter to pieces? Such questions are bound to take up your mind when you think of moving furniture. Many people just give up and decide to purchase new furniture for their brand new house, leaving the old things behind for the next tenant’s use.

But with Gentle Movers at your service, you don’t need to burn a bigger hole in your pocket for new furniture. Our professional furniture packing and hauling services will keep your tables, chairs, and closets away from harm.

Packing: Our proficient employees will pack your furniture with the appropriate shrink wrap. Right from wrapping the legs of your table down to packing the bookcase, we will get it all done. You don’t need to worry about your furniture getting broken during the packing process. We are not only highly skilled at wrapping wooden furniture, but also very efficient at it.

Dismantling: If there’s a chance that your piece of furniture may not fit in the truck or could break during transport, we will dismantle it before packing it in a compact manner. And this won’t cause you any inconvenience – of course, we’ll put back together any furniture that’s been dismantled. The dismantling process is crucial for certain pieces of furniture in order to ensure that they do not break during the moving process.

Hauling and Unloading: Unlike other movers, we will load the furniture onto the truck for you. You don’t need to pull the heavy stuff out of the house on your own – you can sit back and manage the proceedings the way you want to. And our work doesn’t end there. After transporting the furniture, we will even unload it all for you.

Unpacking: After the offload process, we will carry your furniture inside your new house and even lend you a hand with unpacking. We understand how difficult it can be to remove the wrappings, foam, and pads from the boxes. Our trained employees will get all your furniture unwrapped for you. We will put together any dismantled furniture in record time, making you feel at home in a jiffy.

We take full responsibility for any broken furniture, though we have a totally clean record. Apart from unloading and unpacking, if you need help with arranging the furniture in your new house, we are up for that as well. You only need to let us know your requirements beforehand so that we can be ready with the right number of employees for tackling your tasks.