There is a lot of planning and management required for a successful office relocation. There are additional factors that need to considered when undertaking a corporate move as opposed to a residential move. First, let’s take a look at the difficulties of a corporate move.

The Hardest Parts:

  • Books: Regardless of whether or not you operate an accounting firm or a library, the number of books and documents present at any corporate location is usually much more than at a residential premises. When there’s so many books and documents, it can be difficult to keep an eye on them throughout the move, and you may not even immediately realise if some documents don’t make it to your new location.
  • IT Equipment: There’s a huge difference between moving a single computer or tablet and transporting an entire office of such products. Ten delicate laptops will obviously need greater care than a single piece, and the potential for damage is higher.
  • Other Electronic Media: Corporations are increasingly choosing to keep their data stored on electronic devices. Most of your data will be backed up on electronic media such as CDs, DVDs, pen drives, hard drives, or other such systems. Great care is needed when transporting such delicate goods from one place to another.
  • Our Corporate Moving Procedure:

    Gentle Movers Tustin has a complete system designed to tackle the problems faced by corporate moving. Our drivers will not only take great care when moving such delicate items during transportation, but also ensure that the wrapping and packing is done to a high standard and that all goods are in a safe condition to be transported.

  • We will pack your books in small cartons of dimensions of around 1.5 cubes, ensuring that books will fit snugly and securely in our boxes. We understand that if the weight of the books in a single box is over a certain level, then the entire carton might fall apart, and for this reason, we fill our boxes to a maximum weight of 50 pounds.
  • Of course, any IT equipment needs additional padding, regardless of the size of the box. We use plenty of packaging materials to ensure your equipment fits in our boxes and won’t move about during the moving process. If padding is not available for whatever reason, we will wrap your equipment in cloths and other soft material that will prevent the product from smashing against the walls of the truck.
  • If you already have sufficient CD cases or software stands, we will place your delicate electronic media like tapes, CDs, and DVDs inside. Our special protection for such fragile instruments includes extra padding at the bottom of the case or box, thus ensuring that your electronic storage material doesn’t get broken when there’s a slight jolt on the road. The main thing that CDs and tapes need to be protected from is the scratches. A single scratch on a CD can result in the deletion of all the data. If you don’t have CD racks of your own, we will protect your data with the help of additional padding in the interior of our boxes to ensure a smooth ride.

You may also have valuable paintings or glass materials which need extra care during transportation. There’s no need for you to worry about the transport of any unusual items – we will provide sufficient padding for these items as well. All your showpieces and valuables will be satisfactorily taken care of.

Our drivers will ensure that the minimum possible strain is placed upon the boxes in the truck. They know all the roads within the city and all the detours and shortcuts. You can rest assured that your goods will reach your destination in the minimum possible time without a single scratch. We will also keep two or three of our employees in the back of the truck to keep an eye on your belongings and ensure they come to no harm.