The problem with local or short-distance moving is primarily the costs involved. Nobody wants to spend several hundred dollars just for moving a few blocks down the same street. At Gentle Movers Tustin, we understand this concern and we charge you depending on the distance covered. Our price list isn’t segregated according to local or long distance – we charge all out customers the same competitive by-distance rate to offer everyone fairness and value. We’re proud to say that our prices are extremely competitive, and you can rest assured that the shorter your move, the lower will our prices be.

The Other Problems with Local Moving: Here are some of the problems which you might face while making your own move locally.

  • The Pickup: There are several problems with hiring a local, non-professional pickup. The truck may arrive late, or the driver may not know all the shortcuts through the city. An inexperienced driver may not navigate through traffic as carefully, regardless of your belongings. He may drive in the same way that he normally would, without caring about the delicate goods that are present inside the truck.
  • Fuel Issues: A local pickup doesn’t take into account the total costs of your move. Apart from hiring the truck, you will have to pay for the fuel as well. If you are stuck in traffic for a significant amount of time, then you may also need to shell out for additional fuel.
  • Packing and Hauling: Local pickup services aren’t going to help you with the packing (or unpacking) of your belongings – you’ll have to do that all by yourself. Also, there will probably be just one driver and an assistant during the moving day, and neither of them are likely to offer you help move your items onto the front lawn, which is where they usually take over the hauling process.
  • As you can see, just to save a few dollars you could be placing your valuable goods at a great risk of damage – and given the hidden costs of a local pickup, there’s no guarantee you’ll actually save money in any case.
  • Issues Resolved:By collaborating with Gentle Movers Tustin, you will be able to resolve all the aforementioned issues in no time.

  • We have several sizes of pickup trucks that will accommodate all types of goods, no matter how big or small. We organize a thorough schedule even for the shortest of moves, thus ensuring punctuality for our customers. Our drivers know every nook and cranny of the town, along with every crack and crevice in the road, thus ensuring a speedy and smooth ride for your valuable belongings.
  • We will include all possible costs of the move in our quote. If any unforeseen emergency arises along the road leading to price increase, we will cover the additional cost – so there’s no need for you to pay for the additional fuel spent in case of a detour.
  • We won’t simply help you with the packing – we will do it all for you. Our employees are professionals in packing and wrapping a variety of household goods, ranging from delicate crockery to strong furniture and appliances. We will also help unload the goods and keep them inside your house once we arrive at your final destination – and we won’t stop there! We will even unwrap your belongings for you and help you arrange them in your new house.