After going over the moving supplies, let’s proceed to the most complicated part of the moving procedure – packing and wrapping. Now, while this can be extremely complicated for the untrained, we are absolute professionals in the trade. We will not only provide you with a wide variety of materials for your pack, but also do all the work for you so you can worry about more important matters.

Heat Sensitive Wraps:You probably have appliances in your household that require protection from excess heat. We specially wrap those products in polyolefin papers that have a tendency to repel heat. We can provide additional heat protection for these appliances by covering the entire box with PVC coating. We also provide thin, light heat film, made of similar heat repelling materials, to wrap the more delicate goods in your house.

Skilled Packers: All our employees have been taught and trained by experts to carefully pack and wrap all kinds of goods. We understand that books need to be packed in small cartons with alternate binding stacking. We know how to wrap your grandfather clock after detaching the pendulum. We have packed computers, television sets, disk drives, and other electronic media so many times that we know to add a substantial layer of padding at the bottom of the box as well. We understand that kitchen appliances require additional taping before placing them in a box. Our vast experience in the field allows us to get all the packing work done in the shortest time possible.

Technology: We normally wrap your goods by hand, but if you are on a time crunch, then we can seek technological help. There are several types of wrapping machines available on the market. We can make use of the best machines to help you wrap your belongings in no time. Our employees are not only skilled with hand wrapping, but also with using the intricate mechanisms of all kinds of packing machines.